Established in first half of 2018 and started its formal operations after mid-2019 in-between completing agreements and registrations with our partners and providers. EHS is expected to be a fast growing company in region. EHS is offering its clients end to end IT Solutions not only in Data-Centers, Cloud, IT Infrastructure & Hardware but also in software, licensing, security and any related areas.

EHS provide all IT Services under one roof making it extremely easy and worry free for its clients as they only have to specify requirements & pain points then EHS can take care of rest while client keeps focus on their business with peace of mind as EHS can fully cover Audit & Evaluations, Recommendations, Upgrade, Migration, Consolidation and beyond that manages all of this keeping in mind client’s budget.

Our Mission

To Step UP, Audit, Suggest & Provide End to End Specially Crafted Enterprise IT Services including but not limited to Infrastructure, Network Operation, Supply of Hardware & Software Licensing Services around the Globe.

Our Vision

Offer Best Fit IT Solutions to Fulfill Customer Needs & Requirements.

Our Philosophy

We listen to & Try to Understand Our Customers Carefully this enable us to figure out their exact requirements & pain points then we come up with specially crafted solutions to make sure our customers achieve their goals as smoothly as possible.


Real Service. Real Expertise. Our services are differentiated by the flexibility and customization we offer to customers across all industry sectors.

To get started, schedule a no-cost initial meeting with one of our highly-skilled, experienced EHS experts. We will listen to your challenges and then identify ways that EHS can save you money while we help improve your organization’s business continuity, operational excellence and bottom line results.

How We Engage

Consultative approach to create your customized solution

Our solutions consultants will learn your business, understand your technology needs and recommend the right solution.

We make on-boarding Quick & Easy

Our implementation team will work quickly to deliver your new environment. Every EHS product and service is backed by our customer support.

The support and flexibility to evolve

We proactively handle any challenges, so you can run your business hassle-free. The EHS team delivers support based on the values of dedication, respect and accountability.


Cloud Solutions Design & Implementation Services

When it comes to implementing cloud solutions, lack of expertise and the need to get your cloud up and running quickly are the two show stoppers and with the flexible delivery models available through our cloud solutions, you can expedite your cloud implementation while still preserving your ability to grow. Using best practices, our team of experts helps build, integrate, migrate and deploy your cloud solutions and we’ll guide you through other important decisions that impact risk management, integration and the ongoing operation of your solution following implementation.

We can provide you with Design, Implementation, Maintenance & Support / Troubleshooting of any of below form of deployments.

Public Cloud
Private Cloud
Data Center Solutions

Data center implementations require time and expertise that may not be readily available to you. Our expert implementation specialists average over 10+ years of industry experience, where we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

We apply a best practices approach to IT solution design, data center installation and configuration and provide project management services to implement leading technology solutions for your business. Following proven deployment techniques, we are able to provide seamless integration into your environment. A key part of this smooth transition is providing you with product-specific knowledge transfer of the newly implemented data center solution. We cap off every project with the delivery of a documentation package, as well as Operations Manual and that’s not all we support your for whole year and after that if you want we can provide On-Site maintenance of data centers with appropriate Support with Maintained SLAs & RMAs.

We offer full Data Center Infrastructure according to Data Center standards covering Data Center Design, Planning and Deployment including Main Data Center, Staging Area, Power & UPS Room and NOC and in addition we also provide Data Center Upgrade, Data Center Migration, Data Center Consolidation services.


Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling

Local Area Networking (LAN) using structured cabling with fiber optic & copper from consultation to design, Integration, network optimization & more.

Precision Cooling

Precision Cooling

For Enterprise Computing Environments and Data Centers we deal in Full Industrial Cooling Solutions that Fully Comply with Data Center Standards and Regulations.

UPS and Power

UPS and Power

For Enterprise Computing and Data Centers we Provides Full Industrial Generators, UPS with Parallel and Serial Configuration along with Structured Power Distribution.

Enterprise Storage

Enterprise Storage

We provided Enterprise Storage Solutions including Disk to Disk (Hybrid, All Flash and Traditional), Tape Libraries and Archiving solutions according to business requirements.

Servers & Blade Systems

Servers & Blade Systems

We provided Enterprise Storage Solutions including Disk to Disk (Hybrid, All Flash and Traditional), Tape Libraries and Archiving solutions according to business requirements.

Virtualization & Containerization

Virtualization & Containerization

Most advanced Virtualization Solutions as per your requirement which can be but not limited to VMWare, Hyper-V, Open Stack for server consolidation to reduce the TCO

Network and Communication

Network and Communication

We offer complete solution for LAN and WAN which includes Head-Office Branch Office Switching, Connectivity, Network Management, Monitoring, Reporting, PABX Solution.

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions

We are providing most advanced industrial solution for rigid environments, EHS provided industrial solution include switching, serial to internet and connectivity on PLCs.

IP Surveillance & Physical Security Solution

EHS have significant skills on IP surveillance Systems, Security Door Lock, Attendance Machine including Thumb / Hand / Face / Retina Scanning Systems, Fire Alarm System, Fireproof Safe (For HR Records / Backup Tapes, IT Licenses, Important documents Safekeeping), GSM Controller for SMS Relay.

Business video surveillance systems

Business video surveillance systems are being used for multiple applications. Loss prevention, employee safety, and asset protection are the most common uses of video surveillance. There are also more creative uses of video surveillance. At EHS Systems we like to understand you challenge to see if we can solve the challenge with one of our preferred products. Often times we can solve a challenge with a unique application that many do not know is even possible.

• Fixed Camera
• PTZ CameraPTZ Camera
• Outdoor Camera
• Day-Night Camera

• Panoramic Camera
• Thermal Camera
• On-Board Cameras

Fixed Camera
Security Door Lock
Security Door Lock

Access Control Systems, as the name implies, control access to a resource, typically a door or series of doors within a building. By installing a door access control system, you can manage who’s granted entry to your building and when they can come in and out.
Locks and keys have been around for decades, but when keys are lost or stolen, businesses bear the inconvenience and expense of changing locks and re-issuing keys. And keyed entries come with their own risks: keyholders can easily create copies, creating additional security risks. Don’t leave your company’s security to chance, merely hoping for the best.
Instead, reap the benefits of an access control system, like the ones below:

• Audit trail
• Time/day restrictions
• Lost or stolen keys

• Remote access control
• Event notification

Time Attendance Systems

What if, if your employee call his friend in morning to punch his attendance card as he is coming in just few minutes minutes, and his friend marks his attendance by punching his card and he come after 1 hour or half day? Or somebody else marks in and out attendance for the one who did not show up in office at all and you do not have any proof of it how do you tackle this issue?

Time Attendance System is solution for this and is being adopted in many developed countries and it has produced brilliant result in employee productivity. Finger Print Time Attendance & Biometric Time Attendance Machine not only eliminates the chances of Proxy but it also in one way increase the employee productivity.

Time Attendance Systems
Enterprise End User Computing Infrastructure

To effectively meet the overall enterprise business needs, we provide, planning, implementation of wide range of centrally deployed Workstations, & more

IT Security Solution

We provide Next Gen Firewalls Hardware & Software Appliances & Licensing, Antivirus systems, SSL Certificates Acquisition, Installation, Replacement / Renewal based on customer requirements.

Video Walls, Kiosks, Digital Signage & IOT Gateways

We can provide commercial hardware for NOC, VOC, Shops, Stores, Showrooms, Retail chains, Smart Buildings & much more.

Hardware Import & Export

Our company deal in Import and Export of all kind of specialized / turnkey hardware solutions.

SLA’s & HMA’s

Unlimited queries & speedy response with backup facility along with resident engineer parts and equipment replacement under SLA and HMA.

Customized Software Development

We do have a fleet of dedicated developers with us to take on any kind of custom software development project.

Outsourcing & Support in Reliable Resource Hunting

You can reliably outsource with us no matter if it’s Facility Establishment, Co-Location, Virtual Infrastructure, Development, Cloud Management or Mix of Any of These including Migration & upgrades wherever applicable.

Trainings, Certifications, Road Shows & IT Events

We provide Online & Classroom Training covering but not limited to Project Management, Agile Methodologies, Data centers, IT Infrastructure, Cloud Platforms (AWS, Google Cloud Services and MS Azure), IOT…




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